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My name is Lonnie. I have known Tom and Valerie Minnig for close to 35 years. I received a Labradoodle from them and could not be happier with this dog!  

    I have owned many different breeds over the years and loved them all, but this particular breed is by far the easiest to train and manage. They are incredibly intelligent and eager to please. They travel well and don't shed a hair!

    The Minnigs raise quality dogs and treat them all as family. I love visiting their home and am always treated to a delightful greeting by their pups.

    I wouldn't go anywhere else to find a forever friend in a Labradoodle pup!


Lonnie Schwendeman

Arvada, CO

We had the privilege of buying a puppy from Valerie Minnig. We bought a chocolate labradoodle. We were so impressed with how well the puppies were taken care of. Not only was the pen clean but the puppies were well loved. Valerie was wonderful to deal with, start to finish. She was incredibly helpful in giving us all the information we needed to take care of our puppy and to make sure he was a good fit for our family. We had decided after a year to run tests on Max to check his eyes and hips. His rating came back as "excellent". We've been so happy with our boy and are happy to recommend Valerie and her puppies to anyone wanting a wonderful breed of dog that comes from a great breeder! 

From the happy family of Max - Travis and Amanda Beck

Amanda Beck

Westminster, CO

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