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About Us/Our Story

Our experience to breeding Labradoodles began with getting Tessie our multi generational labradoodle. After we got Tessie for our family we fell in love with the breed. Labradoodles are highly intelligent, easy to train, great temperament, level headed, affectionate, and social with a cheerful disposition. These dogs are outgoing but not pushy, self-confident but not willfull and smart but not independent. They are loyal, friendly, eager to please, even-tempered, gentle and kind. This combination of traits makes Labradoodles outstanding service and therapy dogs, as well as terrific additions to any family unit.  We have since branched into other wonderful doodle breeds, which all have their unique skill set and personality.  We now breed Labradoodles,  Bernedoodles, Saint Bernoodles and Sheepadoodles!  We love all of our pups and couldn't imagine life without them!


Hi! We're the Minnig's, we are a Colorado born and bred family that moved to Brighton CO in 2013 to enjoy greener (and much larger) pastures.   We have enjoyed many different breeds of dogs but Doodles are most definitely our favorite!!  We live on 25 beautiful acres that we often enjoy with our Doodles as they love to really stretch their legs!  We can't wait to meet you and pair you up with the perfect Doodle addition!

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