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“Johnny Be Good” is our very adorable (and spoiled!) Chocolate Multigenerational  Australian Labradoodle. He has such a sweet disposition and just wants to be loved. He was born on November 27, 2017. He weighs about 30 lbs and is 18” at the shoulders. He has a beautiful wavy, silky coat as well.


Reagan is our Multigen boy from Rocky Mountain Labradoodles, He is currently 55lbs and about 24 inches tall.  He is a very mild mannered fella who loves to socialize.  He is a beautiful apricot red with the most amazing silky, wavy coat ever!!


Lincoln is our wonderful tri-Colored AKC Registered Standard poodle.  He weighs 45lbs and stands 22in at the shoulder.   Definitely a netflix and chill kinda guy!!


Aries is our spunky tri-colored blue merle, moyen sized poodle from LK Bernedoodles.  He has a sweet personality and loves to play!  He is a huge cuddler and produces sweet pups!



Our lovable Teddy Bear is from our adorable Hera and handsome Aries. He is a F2b mini, brown merle labradoodle.  He weighs 27 pounds and is 18 inches at the shoulders. His wavy/curly coat is very soft and non-shedding. He is such a sweet boy that loves the attention no matter what is going on! He loves me picking him up and snuggling him, I think he could do it all day! But he definitely has his playful side. All his testing from Paw Prints Genetics came back clear.



Jacque is our playful black and white AKC registered poodle. He weighs 38 pounds and is 18 inches at the shoulder. Jacque passes on beautiful coats to his pups and the sweetest temperaments. His coat is all curls and very soft. He is a lovable little man who craves attention and is the perfect gentleman with the ladies. He has spring in his legs and is an athlete. Our Jacque is the perfect package!

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