Questions & Answers

Here at the Doodle Farm we know you have a lot of questions/concerns about getting a new puppy. Here are a couple of answers to put your mind at ease. If you have any future questions please contact us @ (970) 703-5227 or email us at

How Much Are Our Puppies?

Our wonderful Labradoodle puppies are $1,995.00

Our wonderful Bernedoodle puppies are $2995 for Standards and $2995 for Mini's

Our wonderful St. Berdoodle puppies are $2995 for Standards and $3495 for Mini's

Our wonderful Sheepadoodle puppies are $2995

All are sold as pets only unless otherwise arranged by The Doodle Farm.

How Do You Reserve a Puppy?

You can do everything needed to reserve a puppy right here on the website, click on Application and then Litter Schedule & Deposits and then select from the upcoming or current litters.  We allow deposits to be moved to another litter for a period of 6 months. We do puppy selection by first come basis. As soon as your deposit is in we will let you know where you are in the selection.

Do We Do Genetic Testing?

We test all of our parents for hip dysplasia by our Veterinarians, and then further confirm their health by submitting those tests for approval to OFA (orthopedic Foundation for Animals).

We test all of our parent’s eyes for PRS (progressive Retinal Atrophy) through our eye veterinarian and then further submit to CERF for approval. Our dogs also get an EKG for any heart related problems.

How do we whelp our puppies?

We are very excited when each one of our momma’s has her puppies! It’s always thrilling and feels like having our first litter.

A few things that we do is bring the momma dog in our home 1-2 weeks before she gives birth to give her extra nutrients and care and to get familiar with her whelping bed. This makes her relaxed and confident for birth. Several days before she is due we are by her side day and night to keep an eye on her. We don’t allow momma dog to be by herself when giving birth. We are there to help momma and puppies even if it goes through the night! This helps eliminate trauma and stress for all concerned. After the puppies are born we are there constantly to help momma recover and keep a watchful eye on puppies. Momma dog and her puppies are in a confined area that is safe and at a specific temperature. No other dogs are allowed around them. After about 2-3 weeks, depending on when the puppies eyes open and they can move around easier, they are moved to the nursery to have more room to move and develop their muscles. The nursery is an area with a absorbent mulch bedding that acts like a “kitty litter” to keep all moisture away from the pups. We scoop up all stools several times a day to ensure their beds are always clean.

Puppy Visitation Day:

We are so excited for you to come and see your potential puppy. At 5 weeks we have a puppy visitation day or play day that you can come and see your potential puppy and its litter mates. We will contact you and let you know the exact date and time. This will give you a chance to just look at the entire litter and get a chance to connect with the puppies. There will be no selection at this time. All puppies will go home after they are 8 Weeks old.