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Hera is a Mia & Johnny pup, she may be small in stature but she makes up for it in big hugs!  She loves to be around us and is very mild tempered.  she is 22lbs and 17" at the shoulder.



Miss Maisy is a multigenerational Australian labradoodle from our Momma Mia and Jake from Rocky Mountain Labradoodles.  She is 30 pounds and is 20 inches high at her shoulders. Her chocolate, soft coat is wavy to curly and is non-shedding. She’s sweet and sassy and likes to make sure she is the momma of the group. She is comical to watch when she plays with the other dogs! She talks to us and tells us everything that has happened in her day! She is loving, spunky and just a joy to be around. All her testing from Paw Prints Genetics came back clear. Her testing from OFA for her heart was clear, elbows was normal and hips were good. Her testing from CERF was also clear. She is our healthy fun-loving girl!!



Pretty, Pretty Peaches is from our own beloved retired Elly Mae and Lincoln. Elly is a F2 small standard
labradoodle and Lincoln is an AKC registered tricolored, standard poodle. That makes Peaches a F2b,
standard, chocolate/red phantom labradoodle. She will pass tricolored, bicolored and phantom
markings to her puppies. She is such a mellow, sweet girl testing 60% introverted and 40% extrovert.
She loves just hanging out with you and getting all the snuggles. She is also a very happy girl with her tail
always wagging! She has passed all her testing with Paw Prints Genetics and OFA. Once you meet her
you will love her as much as we do!!



Lady is a mini Australian Labradoodle weighing 32 lbs. from Maisy and Hudson (from Hilltop Labradoodles). She is a sweet calm girl that loves to curl up in your lap. She is all about the snuggles and can't get enough love. She loves to run and play with our other dogs but really would rather be by her humans. She will throw bicolored or solid colored puppies with cream, tan or brown markings. She is 17 1/2 inches tall at her shoulders. She is the perfect size for a mini labradoodle!! 



Frejya is the daughter of Dakota and Hudson.  She weighs 39 lbs and is 18 in at the shoulder.  While her coat is more on the straight side it is extremely soft and easy to brush!  She is more on the introverted side and enjoys walks with her people and cuddles.  Definitely super sweet girl even if the local bunnies don't think so when she chases them!  She is a parti and will throw Bi-colored pups!

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