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Riley is an F2B Labradoodle from Tessie X Red and she was born on February 26th 2014. She weighs about 50 pounds and is 23 inches high at her shoulders. Her wavy coat is apricot and with cream highlights (It is very easy to keep brushed!) with beautiful golden eyes. She is super easy to train; loving and very willing to do everything she can to please you. She is our mellow girl that couldn’t be happier just lying next to you! She is also very playful and loves all her stuffed animals. She passed her testing for hips, eyes and EKG with flying colors!


Mia is a Multigen Australian labradoodle from Janniedoodles. Her parents are Abby X Denver and she was born on March 4th 2015. She is just 30 pounds and is 20 inches high at her shoulders. Her coat is chocolate with a little apricot around her muzzle and she is shed- free. Her eyes are a lovely golden color. She loves to play and run with our other dogs and affectionately called “Momma Mia” because of her entertaining personality. She is also calm and loves to just sit right next to you in complete contentment.  She passed her testing for her hips, eyes and EKG with good qualifications.


Benelli is a F2B cream Labradoodle, with parents of Emma and Red.   She is most content when she is right by your side and is one of the best mothers we've had.   Loves to run and play with a low key personality, EKG and Hips came back great!


Dakota is an F2B chocolate labradoodle. Her parents are Delli X Red and she was born on February 26, 2016. She is 55 pounds and 24 inches at the shoulders. She is a beautiful chocolate color with red highlights around her nose. She has gorgeous golden colored eyes. She is probably our happiest girl of the bunch. She gets excited to see you and hops around while talking to you. She's so funny because she thinks you know exactly what she is saying. She is one of my favorites! She also is non shedding. She passed all her testing with flying colors! Getting an excellent on her joint conformation.


Jojo is a Bernese Mountain Dog who is a fun loving, happy and affectionate girl. I love watching her run, it is like a happy gallop with a big smile on her face and a tail that twirls! She loves being a big member of our family and is an awesome human companion. She is great with children and plays well with our other dogs. Jojo weighs about 80 pounds and is 25 inches at her shoulders. She was born on March 28, 2017. She is AKC registered, number WS57062701. She is still young and under going her testing. We will let you know when her bernedoodle puppies will be available.


Ash is a Black/Golden/Silver Brindle who absolutely loves to love!   She is 49lbs and 25 in at the shoulder.  She loves to run and play fetch and is the sweetest girl both with young children and other puppies.


Sophie is Cedar/Apricot 32lb Labradoodle who stands 18in tall.  She has a wonderfully soft wavy coat that we adore!   She is a sweet girl with a bit of spunk, down to run and play or just sit and watch TV together.


Belle is an F1 Sheepadoodle from Tessa X Einstein. She was born on September 10th, 2018. She weights around 78lbs. She is black and white, but is starting to gray out in some areas. As long as she gets brushed regularly, her coat is easy to maintain. Her light brown eyes pop against her black fur. She is our sweet but sassy giant teddy bear. She is over the moon in love with her kids and never leaves their side. She is protective and has a goofy side. She loves to please and listens very well. She is easy to train and will do most anything for a treat.

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Lucas is a red standard poodle from Smith standard poodles.  He is such a sweet boy! He is playful and very happy.  He just wants to be loved on. He doesn't just run around, he prances! We adore him. Lucas is AKC registered number PR18994509. He was born on January 9, 2016. He is about 50 pounds and stands 24 inches at his shoulders.


“Johnny Be Good” is our very adorable (and spoiled!) Chocolate Multigenerational  Australian Labradoodle. He has such a sweet disposition and just wants to be loved. He was born on November 27, 2017. He weighs about 30 lbs and is 18” at the shoulders. He has a beautiful wavy, silky coat as well.


Reagan is our Multigen boy, he is only 10 months old but is already grown a ton since we brought him home!!   He is currently 55lbs and about 24 inches tall.   He is a beautiful apricot red with the most amazing wavy coat ever!!  He just hopefully fathered his first litter and we'll have a better idea of his dominant colors!


Lincoln is our wonderful tri-Colored AKC Registered Standard poodle.  He weighs 45lbs and stands 22in at the shoulder.   Definitely a netflix and chill kinda guy!!

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Lincoln is our wonderful tri-Colored AKC Registered Standard poodle.  He weighs 45lbs and stands 22in at the shoulder.   Definitely a netflix and chill kinda guy!!